Medieval Morocco to Be Honored in Louvre Museum in Paris

Medieval Morocco to Be Honored in Louvre Museum in Paris

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Medieval Morocco to Be Honored in Louvre Museum in Paris.

Medieval Morocco will be honored for the first time in the well-known Louvre museum of France, which is deemed as the largest and most famous museum in the world.

The exhibition, which is organized by both the Louvre Museum and the National foundation of Museums in Morocco, will be under the theme “Medieval Morocco: an Empire from Africa to Spain” and will focus on Morocco from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries. It will open on October 17th and continues until January 19th, 2015.

The “golden age” of Morocco remains unknown to most people. This includes the story of the three Arab-Berber dynasties that built an economic, ideological and political territory that goes from Mali to Andalusia.

The exhibition will allow its visitors to see some of the finest and most important achievements in the fields of culture, calligraphy, architecture, decoration, ceramics and textiles. It will feature the great chandelier of the Al Qarawiyyin mosque in Fez, which is the oldest mosque and oldest university in the world. The chandelier is made of copper and has never left Morocco since it was manufactured in the thirteenth century.

499 other dazzling objects related to the Islamic culture of some previous dynasties will also be featured. One of the most notable ones will be the three meters high minbar, which is considered as the oldest preserved one in the Islamic world.

500 additional objects from the medieval age will be exhibited to illustrate the complexity, diversity and richness of the Moroccan culture.

The Moroccan Times.