2-Year-Old Girl Passes Away in Morocco Following her Uncle Abusing Her and...

2-Year-Old Girl Passes Away in Morocco Following her Uncle Abusing Her and Damaged Her Vagina

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2-Year-Old Girl Passes Away in Morocco After Her Uncle Abused Her and Damaging Her Vagina. Image from Archive.

A 2-year-old  girl passed away in Bir Jdid, Morocco, following her 26-year-old uncle sexually abusing her to the point he literally damaged her vagina.

According to an early investigation, the little angel passed away due to the “rough sexual assault she was subject to, which unfortunately lead to the complete destruction of her vagina and then to her death,” a medical report reads.

The little girl and her family are natives of Zemmour, but the kid headed with her mom to Bir Jdid for a couple of days following the Eid Al-Adha day to pay a visit to the grandma.

At night time, the mom made the unforgettable mistake to leave the little angel fall asleep in an adjacency room. The mom did not want to awake her and move her to the room where she was sleeping as the little girl “was sleeping deeply.”

To her surprise, when the mom came to wake her up for breakfast the next day, she found her body motionless.

The savage who committed the unpalatable-to-the-ear-act is none but her 26-year-old uncle, who sneaked into the little angel’s room at night time and committed the gruesome act.

Some locals have called for “castrating the uncle” and “giving him a death penalty sentence.” However, it is worth noting that Morocco did not apply the death penalty sentence since 1993.

The last person who was executed in Morocco, in 1993, was a highly ranked public official who was working for the national police, well-known in the country by his nick-name “Commisire Tabit.”

Tabit was convicted for multiple counts of “indecent assault, rape violence, rape and abduction”, and “barbaric acts and incitement to riot”. The man assaulted hundreds of victims and abused of his powers either to commit more barbaric acts and rapes, or at least to conceal them.

He was arrested in February 1993, sentenced in March 1993 and executed on August 9 of the same year.

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