Hooliganism During AS FAR Vs DHJ Game in Rabat

Hooliganism During AS FAR Vs DHJ Game in Rabat

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An AS FAR Supporter Attacking a Moroccan Special Force Gendarme

Last week’s game of the Moroccan National Professional League between the Royal Force Army of Rabat and Difaa Hassani Jadidi witnessed serious acts of hooliganism.

As a matter of fact, the referee was forced to stop the game when some supporters broke into the pitch, which threatened the safety of the players.

Videos (check video underneath) and images of the event show various supporters of AS FAR Rabat throwing rocks and even attacking physically elements of the gendarmerie and police.


This is not the first time AS FAR supporters are acting as such.

Back in 2012, many AS FAR supporters, in an away game against Raja Casablanca, ravaged some of Casablanca’s infrastructure, including destroying cars, trains, shops vitrines, attacking pedestrians and others.

Back-then, the authorities arrested the perpetrators, who were none but teenagers.

They were sentenced initially to prison, but were, few months after, released on a royal pardon.

The Moroccan Times.