Morocco vs Algeria for a Ticket in the U17 Worldcup

Morocco vs Algeria for a Ticket in the U17 Worldcup


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Atlas Lions cubs are on a roll in the Under-17 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) after having secured their spot at the top of Group B, beating in the meantime two powerhouses of the Under-17 African football, South Africa and Nigeria.

But their work is far from over as they now face the host country Algeria, who finished second in their group, in a highly anticipated quarter-final match on May 10th in Constantine.

The Atlas lions cubs will face off against Zambia in their final group stage match on May 6th, before the big quarter-final showdown.

The stakes are high as the four semi-finalists of the tournament will earn a coveted spot in the U-17 World Cup, set to take place from November 10th to December 2nd, 2023.

It is expected that the Constantine stadium will be fully packed with Algerian supporters, given the political dimensions this derby game has always carried.

On paper, the Atlas Lions cubs are clear favorites, but Algerians will hope on their fanbase to derail the Moroccan train.

Indeed the Cubs may not have taken on the challenge of playing in a fully packed stadium and enduring 90 minutes of boos. However, if they can emerge from this trial unscathed, it could be the start of something great for this promising team.

The Moroccan Times.