North Korea’s “CRAZY” Answer To Ebola

North Korea’s “CRAZY” Answer To Ebola


Different countries all over the world have taken different measures in regards to Ebola but North Korea’s one is unbeatable and can arguably be described as the “craziest ever.”

A statement from three North Korean agencies that take tourists to the said country stressed last week that “North Korea has announced that it will not accept any foreign tourists beginning Friday because of fears of the Ebola virus.”

Gareth Johnson of Young Pioneer Tours, a travel operator based in China said that “We have just received official news from our partners in the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] that, as of tomorrow, tourists from any country, regardless of where they have recently visited, will not be permitted to enter.”

 Johnson noted further that “three days ago, they [North Korea] said that anybody who’s been to West Africa would have to provide a doctor’s certificate stating that they don’t have Ebola,” before now changing their stance and saying they will not accept any foreign tourists.

The Moroccan Times.