Al-Istiqlal Parliamentarian Caught in Cybersex Blackmail Trap

Al-Istiqlal Parliamentarian Caught in Cybersex Blackmail Trap


Adil Tchikitou

Leading Moroccan news outlets Akhbar Al Yaoum and Hespress said that Al-Istiqlal party member and Moroccan Parliamentarian Adil Tchikitou was blackmailed by a 17-year-old teen, in exchange for large sums of money, by threatening to post a footage of him performing cybersex with an impersonated young girl from Libya called Ihsane.

According to Akhbar Al Youm, it all started with a Facebook message from the “young Ihsane,” who in reality was the said 17-year-old teen from Oued Zem.

Day after day, the Facebook messages turned into long discussions, before turning into video chats, and finally to cybersex after that “the little Ihsane” took off her clothes, which then kicked the man’s testosterone level to an extent he has, allegedly, thrown all “his prestige, his career and his parliamentary chair” out of the window in a tinny fraction of second, when deciding to masturbate in front of the camera.

And then when the trick was officially played with the Al-Istiqlal parliamentarian taking the bait, the little Ihsane unveiled her real face: a 17-year-old teenage boy.

عادل تشيكيطو ڤيديو2
Screenshot from one of the skype chats the Moroccan parliamentarian had with “Ihsane.”

And then it was easy business for the 17-year-old who allegedly threatened to upload the video to Porn websites or to Youtube if the Al-Istiqlal parliamentarian did not transfer him an amount of MAD 40,000. (approximately $4,500 US)

The man then decided to take the case to court. Afterwards, the case went public in a society where the word of mouth is not just a marketing strategy as in Western countries, but rather enshrined in the Moroccan culture.

The Al-Istiqlal parliamentarian did admit to the authorities chatting with the so-called Libyan girl, but he refuted claims that he had cybersex with her, calling the video that showed him masturbating “fabricated.”

Chikitou said that the authorities were able to catch the 17-year-old and his friends after he sent them a fake-money transfer, which enabled the authorities successfully trace him.

Moroccans and Algerians are well-known in the Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia, as blackmailers who excel in impersonating attractive women on Facebook after a time-consuming process of hand-picking “rich and “women-hungry” prays.

It is worth noting that Adil Tchikitou’s brother was arrested in 2013 for complicity in robbery after “a gang” stole bread and sugar from a shop.

Back-then, Tchikitou took the defense of his brother and told Lakome that the robbery affair was “fabricated“ to send him “a warning message” following his refusal  to attend and bow during King Mohammed VI’s yearly allegiance ceremony.

The Moroccan Times.