Spanish Tourist: “Moroccan Policemen Are F**king Corrupt Shits”

[Video] Spanish Tourist: “Moroccan Policemen Are F**king Corrupt Shits”

The Moroccan Police officer who took "the bribe."
The Moroccan Police officer who took “the bribe.”

The following video shows a blatant and shameful act of corruption a Spanish tourist to Morocco’s southern provinces was subject to.

It all started when 3 police officers arrested the motorbike man for apparently no clear reason but to get some money and beer cans out of him.

As soon as they arrested him, the officers asked the Spanish citizen for his passport “to check” his identity, before sympathizing with the man asking him various question about his personal life, his favorite football team and others.

corruption morocco police
Screenshot from the video underneath. Few seconds before the Spanish citizen was forced to hand the corrupt officer a bribe.

And then, without any remorse, and above all without any respect and responsibility to the job they are performing, one of the police officer asked the Spanish tourist for an alcoholic drink, before insisting on him to give him a gift or some euros when he found out that the Spanish tourist had nada drinks on him.

In the wake of the officer insisting on the tourist to give him a gift, the latter handed the officer an amount of 50 Dhs to get his passport back.

The man was caught really enraged at what he called “F**king Corrupt Policemen, Shits,” at minute 5:34.

The Moroccan Times.