Dear America.. Wake Up!

Dear America.. Wake Up!

From left to right: Diah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and her little sister Razan
From left to right: Diah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and her little sister Razan

You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.“-Unknown 

Dear Fellow Americans,

Yesterday, three young humans had their lives cut short. Three young humans lost their lives in vain and for no justified reason. Three young humans were executed simply because they were Muslims. My heart goes to the families of those three lost innocent humans, and may God bless their souls, and they may rest in peace now.

I was truly disturbed of how the American mainstream media handled this terrible and awful criminal act; there was a minimal media coverage, poor reporting, it was a total disgrace, and those channels should be ashamed of how unprofessional they have acted in the aftermath of the shooting. All we were seeing all day was a full and extensive coverage of the trial of the American sniper Chris Kyle’s “psycho” killer and all sorts of Judicial analysts roaming in every media outlet divided about the state of mind of the killer! Now it becomes so obvious that each time any criminal act involving a white person killing Muslims, we should just expect the same ignorance, but when it is the other way around, this will be the headline for the day: “America is under terrorist attacks”!!

My fellow Americans, I want you to free your minds and begin seeing what is actually going on around all of us. I address you all as a very proud American of Arabic and Islamic origins. I love this country as much as the next man, and no one should bargain on my loyalty to the principles on which the Founding Fathers fought for to build a nation like no other, and my intentions to address you my fellow compatriots stem from my deep belief that it is my and everyone’s duty to expose any flaws in our social and political structure. This is what the Founding Fathers fought the Red Coats for, and this is what we stand for as true Americans. A true patriot is he who stands for what is right and defends it, and not just waving flag and put stickers in cars.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves how we have let media controlling how we think and how we perceive news. It is indeed a systematic strategy to keep us all in the dark and only feed us with what will better serve the agenda of those who actually run the country. We all know who owns and controls major News channels in the country, so it is a no surprise that they will always properly filter what will be broadcast, and we naively fall for the their dirty trap.

Those innocent victims were a normal and simple humans beings who chose to foster Islam as a faith, they were young and had all their lives ahead of them, only to be cut short by an atheist fanatic who did not believe that Muslims have the right to live on this land, a man who is clearly believed whatever has been circulating in the mainstream media and some unprofessional anchors. Unfortunately, this man is one of many around who have a misconception about Islam and Muslims, and the manner in which he “executed” those young individuals was a solid proof that he had so much hatred for Muslims. Is this right?

Since when the United States was founded as a Christian or Jewish land? The mass Jewish migration began at the early 20th Century, and the Founding Fathers made sure that every person living on the American soil has the total freedom to foster and worship what he wants, and no one has the right to prosecute another for his beliefs and religion. Let me remind you all here that what drove settlers from Europe to the this former British colony was mainly the religious persecution which was held by Catholics and Protestants alike in Europe, many Jesuits were under severe surveillance and were threatened by, then, the mighty Protestant Churches in England and Scotland. The Founding Fathers made sure that this nation is founded as a secular country, and no government or individual has the right to persecute or prosecute a person for his beliefs. Is it the case nowadays? I don’t think so..

It is sad really when I see many Muslims being ridiculed or profiled simply for how they look. A bearded Muslim can expect all sorts of grief and discrimination in the United States these days, but every American welcomes and does not object a bearded Jewish or Christian man. A veiled Muslim woman can be totally ridiculed for how she chose to dress based on her beliefs, but no one ridicules a Nun for covering herself. When any person in the world defends his land and fights for it, he is labeled a hero, but when a Muslim does the exact same thing, he is labeled a terrorist! Where is fairness in all this people? Does this make any sense to you at all? It is true that some Muslims committed horrible things around the world, but they were and will always be a minority, and it will not be fair for over a Billion and half Muslims to pay the price for the actions of few. Rogue people and fanatics are in every society and religion, and it is not something exclusive for Muslims only. I cannot label all Christians “terrorists” because some IRA member killed some innocent lives in Omagh, Northern Ireland in 1998, and I was in the United Kingdom back then, and I remember that the Brits acted more civilized and I cannot remember in one occasion that they looked down and suspected any Irish person. I cannot label all Jewish “terrorists” because the IDF or some member of movement “Kach” or “Chas” unlawfully killed Palestinians, it is simply not right to think that way and not fair for those who are moderate and living a normal life.

My fellow Americans, I want you to dig deep for the truth behind this fabricated hatred towards our fellow American Muslims, I will not defend them or explain their case, I will let you judge yourselves. I want you to conduct an extensive research on true Islam and who are moderate Muslims and how they live their lives. Let me stress here that Islam is not, by any mean, ISIL or Al-Qaeda or any other radical group; those people only represent themselves and not all Muslims. In fact, they killed more Muslims than any other people, they represent more an ideology than a Holy Doctrine. I also highlight here that there is no such a thing called “Sharia Law” in Islam, this word was invented by many fundamentalists and the propaganda which was started by some who intend to give Islam a bad image, and I defy any person, Muslim or otherwise, to present me a copy of this “Sharia Law”, and if anyone will refer me to the Holy Koran and its teachings, I shall refer you back to the Torah, Tanakh, Christian Gospels and the Book of Genesis, and many other Holy Books which contain the exact same teachings and rules for mankind to abide by. All Abrahamic religions contain, more or less, the same rituals, with some differences of course on the practice, but the core of all of them is the same.

When we stood for what is right and defended it, we earned the world’s respect and the United States was the dream of those seeking freedom. Now, we should wonder why we lost that respect, and we became more feared than respected, and anyone who would say that respect is not important as long as they fear us, I will respond back that this is a Nazi and Fascist slogan that Hitler once said: “I do not care if they do not respect me, as long as they fear me”. Ruling the world by fiat will not lead us anywhere at the long run; no one remains on top forever, and the theory Francis Fukuyama detailed in his book “The End of History and The Last Man” is soon to be proved right, and its harbingers are already appearing.

It is never too late my fellow Americans to wake up and rise again; we have to take back what was taken from us: Our Pride and Morals. The Founding Fathers would hide their heads in shame of how we become as a nation, this is not America they always dreamed of, and it is our duty and responsibility to claim America back, America which is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.. Our America!

Finally my fellow compatriots, let u keep in mind that: United We Stand, Divided We Fall. God bless you all and God bless America.

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mourad beni-ichDr.Mourad Beni-ich is a Political, Intelligence & Strategic Analyst based in Washington, DC. Mr.Beni-ich holds a BA in Law, a BA in Political Sciences, a MA in Security and Intelligence Analyses, a MA in Global Terrorism and a PhD in International Politics. His studies were pursued in England and the U.S. Mr.Beni-ich began his career as a lawyer working for the British Home Office (The Ministry of Interior) as well as The British Foreign Office. Mr.Beni-ich gave many lectures in the United States regarding the current affairs in the MENA region, both in universities and organizations. Mr. Beni-ich is currently based in Washington, DC where he lobbies for the Moroccan affairs and coordinates with many U.S. officials and Think-Tanks to promote Morocco’s interests, both in the United States and Morocco. You can follow him on Twitter at: @MonarchKnight[/symple_box]