Morocco: Leading PJD Member Hits a Child With his Car

Morocco: Leading PJD Member Hits a Child With his Car

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Rabat, Morocco- A leading member of the PJD party has put his Islam-ethically-inspired party, Morocco’s Justice and Development party (PJD) in turmoil after hitting a kid with his car in the vicinity of the Moroccan city of Beni Mellal, while he was en route to the said city from Khouribga to assist to a local meeting organized by the said party.

According to a story run today on leading Moroccan daily Akhbar Al Yaoum, the politician, Slimane Amrani, who is also the vice-secretary general of the PJD, committed three infractions. First of all, he was driving over the limit speed, and then he was overtaking another car, in a section of the road where it is forbidden to take over, before hitting the child who was crossing the road.

According to the said outlet, the child, who goes by the name Mohamed Lachhab, is in a critical condition, after that his head hit the ground. He is now lying in the 20th August hospital of Casablanca.

Some members of the said party were caught frustrated on social media platforms, especially on Facebook. They called on the opening of an investigation on the subject and said that in case the man is convicted, the law should be applied on him, like any other Moroccan citizen.

Other members belonging to the said party added that “in case Mr. Slimane Amrani indeed did something unlawful, he should resign, otherwise there is no difference between the PJD and those corrupt parties.”

Another member referred to prophet Mohammed’s hadith (pbuh) when saying “By God, if Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut off her hand,” meaning that the law is above all of us.

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