Much Loved “Saudi” Actor Lied About “Knife Attack”

Much Loved “Saudi” Actor Lied About “Knife Attack”

Screen grab from the Youtube video underneath (Youtube screen grab)
Screen grab from a Youtube video featuring the “Saudi” actor testifying on the so-called knife attack he was subject to. (Youtube screen grab)

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- According to a report on Moroccan news outlet Al-Ahdath Al Maghribiya, the young actor who performed in Nabil Ayouch’s most recent movie the role of a “saudi man on a visit to Morocco for sex tourism” has concocted the story of him being attacked by a stranger in the city of Casablanca following his featuring in Much Loved, a movie that was aimed by its director to shed light on prostitution in Morocco, but sparked huge controversy.

Few hours after the story of the so-called attack was published online, the supposed attacker contacted various Moroccan outlets to deny the “Saudi” actor’s story, further stressing that they know each other very well as they live in the same neighborhood.

According to the said outlet, various people who lived in the neighborhood confirmed the supposed attacker’s story.

The supposed attacker said that no knife was used during his scuffle with the actor, stressing that he “indeed had a spat with the actor, but it had nothing to do with the movie.”

The man further added that it was “a personal spat,” and even accused the actor of lying and “magnifying the story to an unparalleled degree with an aim to become famous.”

The Moroccan Times.