Morocco Closes Bouya Omar and Releases Its 800 “Guests”

Morocco Closes Bouya Omar and Releases Its 800 “Guests”

bouya omar
A Bouya Omar inmate: image from archive.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco’s Minister of Health El Houssaine Louardi launched today the “Karama Initiative” that aims at uplifting the “mental health” medical field in Morocco.

In this regard, part of the aforementioned initiative, the Moroccan authorities at the region of Marrakesh Tensift Al Haouz started today moving the 800 guests to various hospitals around the kingdom, where they will be subject to mental health check up to determine the exact psychological illness they are suffering from.

Since this morning, around 40 ambulances were consecrated to moving the 800 Bouya Omar guests.

The Bouya Omar facility will be closed as soon as all its guests will be moved to hospitals.

The Moroccan Times.