Moroccan Baby Mohammad Rayyan Killed By a Nursery Staff

Moroccan Baby Mohammad Rayyan Killed By a Nursery Staff

The late Mohammad Rayyan.
The late Mohammad Rayyan.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Baby boy Mohammad Rayyan was killed on November 25, 2015 at a private nursery in Temara, a small city located in the vicinity of Rabat, after a nursery staff threw him at the wall “for making too much noise.”

It all started when Mohammad Rayyan’s mother dropped her baby at said nursery school, least thinking it would be her last contact with her beloved one.

Few minutes later, and as Mohammad Rayyan was screaming, a nursery staff threw the baby at the wall “to calm him down.”

The baby did as a matter of fact calm down and looked like sleeping right after being slammed to the wall, but the shock triggered an internal bleeding, and within an hour or so he was dead.

During the whole time the nurse was thinking the baby was only sleeping, and it wasn’t until she tried to wake him up hours later to feed him that she found out that he was lifeless.

The nurse contacted right after the head of the nursery school, who took the baby to a hospital, not to help him as you may think, but to bribe a doctor to issue a fake death certificate in a bet to conceal the crime.

Their satanic plans went in vain as once in the hospital, they were welcomed by a doctor with strong moral principles.

The good Samaritan doctor not only refused to take the baby in, but alerted the authorities on the fly.

The authorities conducted an investigation and the nurse acknowledged throwing Mohammad Rayyan at the wall, even though stressing that “she never meant to kill him.”

A medical autopsy was performed and confirmed the presence of an incision in the skull, an incision which led to internal bleeding, the cause of death of the baby, medical reports say.

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