Three Dead and at Lest 80 Injuries During Raja Casablanca vs Hoceima...

Three Dead and at Lest 80 Injuries During Raja Casablanca vs Hoceima Game [Video Included]

This young supporter passed away after getting slashed with a sharp tool, probably a Swiss-like knife.
This young supporter passed out after getting hit with a rock. He is now in a stable condition, his friends told us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been corrected. The death toll stands now at three not two as the article previously stated. Also, a photo featuring Raja Casablanca fans praying was not from today’s funeral prayer, but from an old event. The photo was accordingly removed. The article also asserted that the boy in the featured image passed away. His friends contacted us affirming that he only fainted away and that he is currently in a stable condition.

Casablanca, Morocco (TMT)-Three people passed away yesterday night while at least 80 were injured following clashes erupting between 2 clans of supporters, both belonging to the Raja Casablanca football club.

The sad, to say the very least, event happened yesterday night in complex Mohammed V of Casablanca during a game that opposed Chabab Al Rif Al Hoceimi (visitors) to the locals of Raja Casblanca.

The clashes erupted towards the end of the game, even though the local team was leading by 2-1.

Two young people passed away, including many injuries and a huge damage to public and private property, as the clashes continued outside the sport complex with many supporters destroying various cars, throwing rocks at them.

A young Raja supporter carrying his dead friend while crying in pain.
A young Raja supporter carrying his fainting friend while crying in pain.

A statement from Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (know under its French acronym DGSN) said that one of the two killed persons was slashed with a sharp tool, probably a knife.

The statement added that the second casualty showed no apparent signs of violence.

Most of the injured were taken in expedition to the Moulay Youssef hospital of Casablanca to receive the necessary treatments.

The Casablanca authorities said that prior to the start of the game, 10 people were arrested for their involvement in acts of vandalism.

The authorities also said that 31 others were arrested towards the end of the game.

Raja Casablanca fans are blaming the ultras clan for the clashes and acts of vandalism.

Many Raja Casablanca fans gathered this afternoon in a local mosque to pray Salat Al Janazae (Islamic funeral prayer) on the two victims.

The Moroccan Times.