Dismay in Morocco as Video of Drunk Student In Class Goes Viral...

Dismay in Morocco as Video of Drunk Student In Class Goes Viral [Video Included]


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The video above featuring a young student turning to class drunk, stirring up trouble and disorder, was shared heavily among Moroccan social media users, especially on Facebook.

Most social media users were dismayed at the scene, with some calling on the Moroccan authorities to investigate the matter and punish the drunk student.

The teacher can be seen trying to calm the student down, before trying to seat him down.

The teacher’s efforts went in vain as the student was clearly out of his mind, in another world the one may say.

After few failed attempts, and as the student started dancing on top of the teacher’s desk, this latter left the class to probably ask for help from the school’s administration.

The drunk student’s acts kept the other students laughing the whole time.

The Moroccan Ministry of Education needs to open in utmost urgency an investigation on this case, otherwise the Moroccan educational system needs a complete revamp, not just a reform.

Really, what a shame!!!

The Moroccan Times.