ENSAK, the National School of Applied Sciences of Kenitra, Organizes a...

ENSAK, the National School of Applied Sciences of Kenitra, Organizes a “National Innovation Competition”

Flyer of the event.
Flyer of the event.

Kenitra, Morocco (TMT) The national school of applied sciences of Kenitra (well-known under its French acronym ENSAK) is organizing the first edition of the national competition of innovation “Let’s challenge”, on the 19th of may 2016.

Mr. Nabil Hmina, Director of the ENSAK, told TMT that  the “Let’s challenge” initiative “aims to encourage young innovators and problem-solvers to develop their idea and bring it to life, fostering their ability to compete fairly, coming up with end products, and marketing their products, including helping to improve Morocco’s potential to become a leading innovation actor in the field.”

“Any participating project, which requires a clearly distinguishable technical part, should showcase its feasibility and innovative aspects through a good prototype,” Nabil Hmina further noted.

“The project should solve a social issue facing Morocco like a health issue, sustainable development, materials, living conditions, etc.,” Nabil Hmina further stressed.

Competition entries must be submitted by the 28th March 2016 at the latest.

In the post-gaze, the thirty shortlisted entries will present before an expert panel their ideas on the 19th of May 2016.

The winners will be winvery important monetary rewards at the end of the competition as the featured flyer of the event shows.

The final event will see the participation of prospective investors who will look at every project with a bird’s eye meticulous supervision.

The Moroccan Times.