Dutch People Fill Complaints Against “Noisy Moroccans” Around Waldorf Astoria Hotel in...

Dutch People Fill Complaints Against “Noisy Moroccans” Around Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Amsterdam

A Moroccan-Dutch kissing King Mohammed VI in his cheek.
A Moroccan-Dutch kissing King Mohammed VI in his cheek.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (TMT)- On the sidelines of the recent visit King Mohammed VI payed to the Netherlands, where he was staying at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Amsterdam, a number of Dutch people who live in the surrounding area of said luxurious hotel filled complaints to protest “the noise various Moroccans living abroad where making” while waiting to catch a glimpse of the king, when gathering outside the hotel.

A Dutch-Moroccan living adjacent to said hotel contacted The Moroccan Times to comment, on the condition of anonymity, on those complaints.

The man told us that “a few Dutch people are racist and that’s why they filled the complaint.”

“I was present when leading football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, or well-known singers, like Lady Gaga, or when various heads of states, stayed at the hotel.

“With all the fans and paparazzis that were waiting around, we never heard of noise complaints, but when it is the Moroccan king, low and behold, we start complaining,” the Dutch-Moroccan said.

“You should know that the word Morocco and Moroccans are a lump in the throats of some racist Dutch people and politicians like Geert Wilders. They can’t bear the word Morocco and they are in spasm whenever they hear it.

“They suffer from a pavlovian hate attack whenever they hear Morocco, Moroccans, or anything close to this.

“I need to stress that most Dutch people are great and have a peaceful heart, but you do find, as in all countries around the world, a minority that is racist. We should not care about them, as far as what matters is the opinion of the majority, and the mainstream in Netherlands are not racist,” the man told The Moroccan Times.

“You know even in Morocco there are a few people who are racists against sub-Saharan migrants, but of course the mainstream are not racist. It is the same,” the Dutch-Moroccan told us.

It is worth reminding that king Mohammed VI arrived on Friday the 25th to Amsterdam, and since then a number of fans gathered outside of the hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of the monarch.

On the next day, Saturday the 26th of March, the King went down to greet his fans.

In the following days, the Moroccan monarch posed for photos and videos with many Moroccans living in Netherlands, even offering Moroccan biscuits and cups of tea to the array of fans that came to meet him.

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