King Mohammed VI Holds Phone Call with Vladimir Putin

King Mohammed VI Holds Phone Call with Vladimir Putin

King Mohammed VI and Russian president vladimir putin in the wake of the moroccan monarch latest visit to Morocco last month.
King Mohammed VI and Russian president Vladimir putin chairing the signing of various cooperation agreement between Morocco and Russia, on the sidelines  of the Moroccan monarch visit to Moscow last month.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- King Mohammed VI held this afternoon a long phone conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin, says a release of the Royal office.

Both leaders reiterated their full satisfaction with the results of King Mohammed’s VI recent visit to Russia, including all the progress made to ensure the implementation of the two countries Strategic Partnership, which includes economic, cultural, political and security areas of partnership.

The talks covered also the latest developments related to the Sahara issue, says the release.

In this vein, both leaders expressed their strong concern vis-à-vis the latest developments related the Sahara issue

They agreed to strengthen their coordination and maintain continuous contact on this issue in order to reach by the and of April [date of release of the yearly resolution on the Sahara issue by the security council], balanced and productive results.

The Moroccan Times.