Hammed Kebbaj Not Allowed to Run for Elections: Marrakesh Wali

Hammed Kebbaj Not Allowed to Run for Elections: Marrakesh Wali

Hammad Kabbadj.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Moroccan Salafi Hammad Kabbadj’s application to run for the upcoming elections, under the hood of the PJD, was rejected by Abdelfattah Bjioui, the Wali of Marrakech-Safi, for his “positions that goes against the principles of democracy.”

The wali wrote a letter to Hammad, stressing that after conducting an “administrative investigation into the applicant’s file”, Hammad “expressed on several occasions positions against the principles of democracy, enshrined in the Constitution,” including “promoting extremist ideas that call for hatred, discrimination, segregation and violence in the Moroccan society.”

Hamad rejected the wali’s letter and all accusations, writing in the meantime an open letter to King Mohammed VI, where, among others, he stated the following:

“In front of this injustice and humiliation, I would like to express to Your Majesty and the public on the following:

“If these accusations are true, then what are the authorities waiting for before they do arrest me immediately, including jailing me as I do constitute a huge risk on the national security.

“If the aforementioned accusations are true, why did the authorities allow such a dangerous person to speak freely and publish his thought and studies and lecture in various cities and regions in Morocco, for a period of nearly twenty years?”

The Moroccan Times.