Azrou: 11-year-old boy commits suicide as his mom can’t afford to buy...

Azrou: 11-year-old boy commits suicide as his mom can’t afford to buy him textbooks

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The father of the 11-year-old gave today an interview to Moroccan outlet Akhbar Al Yaoum. He is disputing the version advanced by Hicham Laarousi, an USFP (Socialist Union of Popular Forces) local representative from the Hed Oued Ifrane locality. The father says the version advanced by the USFP politician is all lies, stressing that “we are a well-to-do family” and that “the death of my son was politicized given the current political climate in Morocco.” The father added that he was shocked to hear about the tragic death of his son, stressing that “nobody really knows what drove my son to suicide.” The dad said that his son was supposed to be in fourth grade, not sixth grade as Laarousi alleged.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- An 11-year-old Moroccan boy committed suicide last Sunday morning following a heated conversation in the weekly souk with his mother, after she told him she cannot afford to buy him his primary school’s textbooks, according to Hicham Laarousi, an USFP local representative from the Hed Oued Ifrane locality.

Following the heated discussion, the boy hurried back home leaving his mom in the weekly souk.

Once home, alone in the family house, he committed suicide by hanging himself, according to Laarousi.

His mom came few minutes later to find the disaster, Laarousi said.

The sad event occurred last Sunday in Hed Oued Ifrane, located in the vicinity of Azrou.

The boy’s dad has abandoned the family long time ago after he divorced his mom, according to the USFP representative version.

The kid was supposed to be studying this year in sixth grade at the Bilal Ben Rebbah school.

According to the USFP politician, due to his precarious situation, his school took charge of buying him 30% of the yearly school supplies, the director of his school said.

But apparently that was not enough as he wanted, like all of his classmates, to have all the needed school supplies.

Very sad and tragic.

The Moroccan Times.