Various instances of fraud witnessed in Morocco’s elections

Various instances of fraud witnessed in Morocco’s elections


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- As polling stations across the kingdom officially closed few minutes ago, a huge number of breaches have been witnessed, especially in front of polling stations. Most electoral fraud instances were committed by representatives of Morocco’s Ministry of interior (Bachas, Kaids, cheicks, Mkadems, ect.), battering to the lowest denominator the credibility and sanctity of the Mother of Ministries (nickname of Morocco’s Ministry of Interior), an institution whose duty is to supervise the electoral process and makes sure it is fair and transparent.

Mkadems, Kaids and Cheicks (Ministry of Interior aids) were caught in various instances red-handed indulging in serious acts of fraud, including dropping multiple sheets of paper into ballot boxes, and harassing people to vote for the PAM party.

In Casablanca, a former university professor said a Mkadem asked him to vote for the PAM party, when he was about to enter the polling station.

“I was shocked. At the polling station in High School Chaouki, the Mkadem approached me. His name is Hassan. He approached me and said ‘How are you doing Hajj? You gotta vote for the PAM party’,” the former university professor said.

“I was shocked and could not believe myself. I stood against this and started screaming loudly at him,” the man added.

“I am an educated person who has been studying for 30 years. How dare a person with no education show me how I should vote,” the man went on further to say.

“With such type of mentality, it is like we just got our independence yesterday,” the man angrily said.

In another instance in Kenitra, another aid was also standing in front of the main gate of a polling station and harassed people to vote for the PAM party, according to local witnesses.

“Whenever someone walks by, he (local aid) would whisper in the ear, ‘tractor, tractor'(logo of the PAM party),” a woman said.

In Kenitra, the head of a polling station seized a moment where monitors were breathing fresh air in front of the door of a poll station to drop multiple sheets of paper into a ballot box, as the featured Youtube video illustrates.

In Alhoceima, the provincial head of the PJD party filled a complaint against various heads of polling stations, accusing them all of dropping multiple sheets of paper into ballot boxes, to support of the PAM party.

In Khemissat, around 20 people protested this afternoon in front of a polling station against a Bacha and his aids as they were excessively harassing people to vote for the PAM party.

In Chtouka Ait Baha, the head of a polling party forcefully took the ballot box outside and put it in his car’s trunk, before telling monitors, “I am heading to perform Friday’s prayer. I’ll be back soon.”

The aforementioned are only few instances among various breaches witnessed today.

The Moroccan Times.