Morocco: Pregnant Woman Passes Away during childbirth as road blocked with snow

Morocco: Pregnant Woman Passes Away during childbirth as road blocked with snow

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Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A heartbreaking tragedy happened last Saturday in the pocket town of Makhat, located in the vicinity of Taza, as a pregnant woman lost her life during childbirth.

As the road was blocked with snow after a heavy snowstorm, the woman was forced to give birth in her house, with the help of her family members and some locals, but the childbirth turned to disaster as the poor woman lost her life.

The Moroccan authorities ruled the traditional laboring technique the woman went through as the official cause of death, but her family members are blaming the authorities for not clearing the road of snow on time, or at the very least for not dispatching one of the recently acquired helicopters to transport her to a hospital.

Douar Makhat is located in the corridor between the Rif mountains and the Middle Atlas mountains, about 120 km east of Fez.

The Moroccan authorities said that various military hospitals have been erected in various regions in Morocco to avoid the reproduction of a similar case.

It is worth reminding that the heavy snowstorms that hit Morocco in the last few days blocked the roads in many isolated regions around Morocco.

Dozens videos have been shared on social media platforms showing Moroccan people resorting to primitive tools to transport sick and elderly people, as well as pregnant women to hospitals, in the aftermath of the heavy snowstorms.

The video underneath documents one case in the the province of Boulmane.

The Moroccan Times.