The need for an effective critical thinking

The need for an effective critical thinking


In a certain stage known by the information age, we become a target of a tremendous number of ceaseless messages that we receive from all directions. They shape our reactions and behaviour since our way of thinking isn’t independent or static. We seem to be deprived of a noble freedom which is the freedom of thinking and expression. we form our views according to our personal background that may include stereotypes and false impressions as a result of the influence of emotions.

We count on mass media to keep abreast of what is happening around the globe but we don’t even try to wonder about the real identity of the information providers or the agenda they serve. Thus, the accuracy of the information remains questionable.

In this gloomy and confusing reality, one feels the high priority that should be given to some effective critical thinking. In fact, when one tries to conceive what he receives by using his mind and wonder about some confusing questions one feels some disgust and annoyance because of the mental effort that has to be made. This feeling is shared by the public who look forward to ready information in order to save time and effort. In fact, People in general tend to have a discouraging view about the study of philosophy and think of philosophers as strange or abnormal persons. They may even despise or show some disdain towards the person who dares present some unusual ideas that bring about some worry and doubt. Unfortunately, Some governments have imposed such a shameful reality as a ruling approach by fighting any initiative for a real educational system that may enlighten the public and threaten the elite monopoly process.

Neddless to say that an effective critical thinking leads to truth by considering our knowledge relative and limited in comparison to the limitless knowledge itself. It invites us to dive into the depths of darkness in quest of the light of knowledge by asking questions and targetting the accuracy of information. It also honours  the sovereignty of mind and admits its supremacy.

All in all, an effective critical thinking may lead to the independence of the soul that leads to all kinds of independence and freedom.