Black Monday: a cascade in violence and arrests in Morocco’s Rif

Black Monday: a cascade in violence and arrests in Morocco’s Rif


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- A cascade of violence, repression, and arrests was witnessed during Eid day in Morocco (last Monday) when the Moroccan police did not allow thousands of people in Morocco’s Rif region to take to the streets on Muslim’s holy day to ask for the release of around 200 political detainees, all arrested amid the 8 months long wave of social and economic protests in Morocco, known as the Hirak.

On Eid day, peaceful protests were violently dispersed with truncheons by authorities.

Various videos shared on Facebook and Youtube (ex: featured video above) show members of the Intervention Unit abusing of their power and beating people, even those lying on the ground, kicking them in some instances with their bludgeons and feet in the torso and face.

The use of teargas to stifle the protests reached a climax, with more than 40 minors being taken to local hospitals in the aftermath according to local sources.

Morocco’s official news Agency La MAP said 39 members of the security forces were hurt as well.

According to local sources, more than 50 persons were arrested.

Moroccans are referring to the cascade of repression, violence, and arrests witnessed during Eid Day on social media platforms as “The Black Monday.”

The Moroccan Times.