Morocco and Angola resume diplomatic relations after 25 years

Morocco and Angola resume diplomatic relations after 25 years


RABAT- Morocco officially announced today the resumption of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Angola, following a quarter-century hiatus. This decision was made on the instructions of King Mohammed VI, following his recent meeting with Angolan President João Lourenço.

In a joint press conference, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and Angolan Foreign Minister Manuel Domingos Augusto announced the official resumption of bilateral relations between the two countries. This significant development was marked by the launch of a cooperation program agreed upon by the two heads of state during their meeting on the sidelines of the inaugural summit of the Climate Committee and Blue Fund for the Congo Basin last April.

Angola, which has previously supported the Polisario separatist movement in the African Union and the United Nations, is part of the Southern African region that includes countries hostile to Morocco’s territorial integrity. However, Angola has taken a new direction since Morocco’s return to the African Union, and its decision to welcome Morocco’s return has been considered as sound.

During the press conference, Minister Bourita expressed Morocco’s readiness to establish a cooperative relationship between the two countries. He reminded his Angolan counterpart of Morocco’s historical role in supporting Angola’s struggle against Portuguese colonization. In 1961, under the presidency of the late King Hassan II, Morocco hosted a meeting of Portuguese colonies in Rabat and provided support to the Angolan people’s efforts for independence.

It is worth noting that since Morocco’s return to the African Union, the country has pursued a path of renewing diplomatic relations with several African nations that were previously known for supporting the Polisario separatists. This marks a departure from the policy of disconnection, most notably evident in the restoration of relations with South Africa, to which Angola is a close ally. The process of restoring relations between the two countries was initiated by a visit from South Africa’s foreign minister to Morocco.