King Mohammed VI deplores situation with Algeria and suggests plan for reopening...

King Mohammed VI deplores situation with Algeria and suggests plan for reopening borders

King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Image from archive.
King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Image from archive.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- During his speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Green March, King Mohammed VI deplored the current situation with neighboring country Algeria, seizing the opportunity for laying a would-be plan to a prospective reopening of borders between the two North African countries, including a better economic integration between all Maghreb countries.

“I should like to refer to the division and lack of unity in the Maghreb. This unreasonable situation is utterly inconsistent with the brotherly bonds uniting our peoples, who share the same religion, language, history and destiny,” the Moroccan monarch said.

“This reality is at odds with the ambition that induced the generation who fought for freedom and independence to seek to achieve the unity of the Maghreb, as symbolized, at the time, by the Tangier Conference, which was held in 1958 and whose sixtieth anniversary we are commemorating this year. Before that, the Kingdom’s position in support of the Algerian revolution strengthened the bonds between the Moroccan Monarchy and the Algerian Resistance. It also paved the way for joint Maghrebian political awareness and action,” the monarch further noted.

King Mohammed VI went on further to stress that Algeria and Morocco fought together in a brotherly spirit against colonizers, a hallmark of sincere brotherhood.

“Together, we fought colonial rule for many years until independence was obtained. We know each other very well, and many Moroccan and Algerian families are united by the bonds of marriage and kinship. We also realize that our peoples’ interests are best served by our unity, integration and complementarity. There is actually no need for third-party mediation. Nevertheless, we must be realistic and admit that the state of our bilateral relations is not normal, much less acceptable,” King Mohammed VI stressed.

“Let me point out – and God is my witness – that soon after I acceded to the throne, I asked earnestly and in good faith that the borders between our two countries be opened and that Moroccan-Algerian relations be normalized,” King Mohammed added.

When laying out a plan to move forth, the Moroccan monarch said the following: “I should like to say today, in a very straightforward and responsible way, that Morocco stands ready for a direct and frank dialogue with our sister nation, Algeria, in order to settle the transient and objective differences impeding the development of relations between the two countries.

“To this end, I suggest to our Algerian brothers that we set up a joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation. This mechanism’s format, nature and level of representation can be mutually agreed upon.

I should like to stress that Morocco is willing to consider the proposals or initiatives Algeria may want to offer in this regard so as to break the stalemate in the relations between the two neighbors and sister nations.

“The mission of this mechanism would be to analyze all the issues on hand in good faith and in a very frank, objective and honest way, using an open-ended agenda, without conditions or exceptions.

“This mechanism can also serve as a practical platform for cooperation regarding all bilateral matters, particularly with respect to making the most of the numerous development opportunities existing in the Maghreb region.

“It will also contribute to enhancing bilateral coordination and consultation and help us rise to regional and international challenges, particularly in terms of fighting terrorism and addressing the issue of migration.

“I should like to reiterate, in this regard, my commitment to work hand in hand with my brothers in Algeria, making sure their national institutions are fully respected.

“Given our warm feelings towards the Algerian people and leadership, and the esteem in which we hold them, we shall spare no effort in Morocco to build our bilateral relations on the solid foundations of trust, solidarity and neighborliness, in keeping with the words of my ancestor – may peace and blessings be upon Him – who said that Gabriel recommended so persistently that He treat neighbors well that He thought he would give them a share of the inheritance,” King Mohammed VI stressed.

The Moroccan Times.