Morocco orders closure of Mosques to contain Corona

Morocco orders closure of Mosques to contain Corona


Morocco Offered to Govern All Mosques and Islamic Centers in Cataluña.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Few hours after ordering the closure of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, cinemas, sports facilities, and public spaces in the whole country, the Islamic Council of Ulemas has issued a fatwa, a legal opinion, ordering the closure of all mosques around the kingdom.

The fatwa was issued following King Mohammed VI, Morocco’s highest religious authority through his commander of the faithful status, asking the aforementioned body to study the situation, and accordingly, issue a religious opinion on the ongoing crisis.

Morocco’s Islamic Council of Ulemas ordered the closure of mosques but stressed that the five calls to prayers should “always take place in their respective time.”

The new regulations aim to cripple down the spread of the virus, in a bet to avoid an Italy-like scenario.

The Moroccan Times.