2 girls jailed for making a false call to coronavirus call center

2 girls jailed for making a false call to coronavirus call center



Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Two young girls, aged 21 and 22, were arrested yesterday evening in Tangier for spreading “deceitful information” that “undermines the country’s public order” after making a false call to Morocco’s coronavirus call center (video above).

A statement from Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security, well-known under its French acronym DSGN, said that both girls shared a live video on social media networks (video above), where they are seen making a false call pretending to be infected with the coronavirus.

Their video has spread like wildfire among Moroccans on social media platforms, which triggered the DSGN to launch an investigation.

Few hours after having shared the video, the mother of one of the young girls, including their friends shared another live video (towards the middle of the featured video above) accusing Moroccans of “sharing the video heavily on social media” and stressing “that their intent was not to cause any harm.”

It is worth reminding that the Moroccan government has also adopted a few days ago a new draft law that will see any person who spreads wrong information on social media platforms jailed.

According to local media estimates, since the start of the outbreak, no less than 30 people have been jailed for similar cases.

The Moroccan Times.