Morocco’s Proactive Steps in Battling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Morocco’s Proactive Steps in Battling the Coronavirus Pandemic

Moroccan health workers are pictured at Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport on March 3, 2020 during measures against the coronavirus COVID-19.
Moroccan health workers are pictured at Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport. 

CASABLANCA- The pandemic that is sweeping the globe nicknamed COVID-19, originating from the SARS-CoV-2 virus first touched the country of Morocco on March 2nd, 2020 with the first case originating in the economic city of Casablanca. As of today, there are in total cases 638 cases, 37 deaths, and 26 recoveries. Every country worldwide is taking slightly different measures to combat the virus, but in general social distancing is the global solution for now. Although cases are increasing, social distancing is proving to be slowing or decreasing the curve, with strains being put out before they have had a chance to spread. 

Morocco is regarded as one of the most advanced African countries, with a competitive economy and advancing technology such as high-speed trains and renewable energy. Morocco has been very proactive in their efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19. They understood the severity of this global pandemic and realized the quicker they take action and react, the less they will be hit. Following European countries, they also closed their borders to incoming and outgoing flights and imposed travel restrictions throughout the country. Moroccan people are taking necessary precautions such as social distancing seriously. In the streets of Casablanca, you see civilians wearing masks, gloves, and keeping the recommended distance of one to two meters of space between one another when waiting in line outside of stores. 

The country declared a state of emergency on March 20th and since then have restricted travel in the country, with the police and military deployed to monitor the movement in and out of cities. Checkpoints have been set up between cities to check for authorization forms, these forms describe the reason why you are out driving and not at home. There is a restriction that demands all civilians to be home by 6 pm and consequences will follow if this rule is disobeyed. 

The government of Morocco is taking great steps to protect its people and quickly took action in placing necessary restrictions after seeing neighboring countries grappling with the pandemic. They are proving themselves to be a proactive country that cares about its civilians and are very capable of handling a global pandemic on this scale if they continue in this way.