Interview: Young Moroccan Singer Yanis Taleb, a Rising Star of the Amazigh...

Interview: Young Moroccan Singer Yanis Taleb, a Rising Star of the Amazigh song


Editor’s Note: The following interview was conducted by Omar Bihmidine.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Yanis Taleb, a young Amazigh singer, and artist, continues to impress Moroccan music vultures with his amazing voice in Amazigh, Moroccan Darija, Arabic, French, and English. Listening to his exceptionally outstanding songs on YouTube, which continue to gain thousands of views, has given us much pleasure. It is time for other music lovers to discover him.

The young rising star has recently drawn fame in Morocco, thanks to his continuous efforts to hone his craft. Born in Marrakech in 2004, Taleb is originally from a Berber town named Tanalt, located 140 kms from Agadir. He is currently studying at a high school in Casablanca. Like many other successful international singers, Taleb’s love for guitar and piano began at a very young age.

Yanis has been a student at the Music Conservatory in Casablanca since he was three. After he had made his first singing debut in 2015 at age 10, he instantly became famous, particularly among the Amazigh music arena. His singing talent manifests itself in his ability to sing in different languages at the same time, including Hindu.

Rising Amazigh music star Yanis Talib.
Rising Amazigh music star Yanis Talib.

Despite his young age, the young Amazigh singer has taken part in many music festivals. Among them is the Festival of Migrant which takes place in Agadir and the famous NAMASTE Hindu Festival. Yanis has also been invited to perform in several cultural and artistic events organized by national art associations.

Taleb fell in love with the music at a very young age. Out of ambition and tenacity, the young rising star is determined to pursue his musical journey and hone it in a professional way. Talking to The Moroccan Times, Yanis said that his family, particularly his father and brother, first inspired him to develop his talent as a budding singer.

His passion for singing and his childhood dreams to become a singer has led Yanis to take part in several music events nationwide. Thanks to his incredible voice, Taleb has managed to endear his songs to thousands of people in Morocco. Besides, several news outlets have interviewed him about his pursuits, singing genres and future works.

So far, Taleb has officially released three exceptionally outstanding songs. Among them is  Iguiguil (Orphan) which he performed at 12. Iguiguil, which was released in 2017 is written and composed by Amazigh artist Moulay Amanar.

The Argan tree is the theme of an incredible duo that Yanis performed along with Amazigh artist Said Issoufa. The duo has so far reaped more than 170.000 views on YouTube. Entitled “Argan Domazigh”, the duo is composed of Aziz Chamkh and realized by Mohamed Amerkad.

In 2020, Yanis Taleb performed in Moroccan Arabic by releasing a song entitled ‘Yema’. The theme of the song is that the mother is the first love in one’s life. ‘Yema’ is written by Jamila Ibrahim, composed by Samy Taleb, arranged by Redouane Alallah and realized by Soufiane Lamghini. What characterizes Taleb’s songs is that they deal with purposeful and meaningful themes.

Yanis Taleb told The Moroccan Times that he is very determined to reach out to the world and draw fame not only nationally but also internationally. His ambition is to usher in a new style of music to the world and make Moroccan music more endearing to foreigners.

The young Amazigh star has also performed well in English by singing a song entitled “Help”, along with another Amazigh one entitled Lmahabba-Toudert, which he once performed in a cultural center in the south of Morocco.

The artist is currently working on a new Amazigh song which he intends to release this summer. This time he is going to collaborate with several artists, including Hamid Amnay and talented arranger Redouane Alallah.

Talking to The Moroccan Times, Taleb stressed that he takes much delight in touching on the theme of the art of living, especially in the midst of the novel Coronavirus crisis. His fans are already impatiently waiting for the release of his new works.

In response to his future plans, dreams, goals, and ambitions, Taleb pointed out that he is willing to strike a balance between his academic studies and singing career. He went on to add that one’s academic and professional life is supposed to be spiced up by artistic, social and technical competences.

“Nowadays, enterprises are not only looking for professional and academic competences, but they are also looking for music talents and artistic pursuits. Having both at the same time makes a great difference in one’s life, especially in today’s world,” Yanis told Moroccan Times.

“That is why we have to invest a great deal in artistic competences and help young artists manifest their talents and pursuits so that they will contribute more considerably to society. Besides, creating a stress-free atmosphere through music and other arts in a necessity today, ” Taleb closed.

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