UAE-based Twitter bots criticizing Morocco’s Head of government

UAE-based Twitter bots criticizing Morocco’s Head of government


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)-  A large network of fake twitter accounts have been criticizing the Moroccan head of government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis on Twitter, which triggered many influencers in Morocco to investigate the matter closely, only to find out that they operated exclusively from the United Arab Emirates.

Ghassan Benchiheb, founder of the Tahakak platform, an online website that identifies and flags fake news in Morocco, and Musapha Swinga, founder of the educative platform Aji Tafham, were among the main influencers that scrutinized the twitter bots, disclosing all details about the fake accounts and reporting them to Twitter.

This has triggered a wave of condemnation in Morocco, which led Twitter to remove said accounts.

It is not clear yet what is the rationale behind such a move.

Some advanced the argument that the UAE did not yet swallow the bitter pill of Morocco refusing to take sides with the Saudi-UAE coalition against Qatar, remaining neutral during the whole Qatar diplomatic crisis.

Others said it may be due to the Islamic reference of the Justice and Development Party (PJD) leading the government coalition, with the UAE having a well-known documented history of clinching its teeth at any reference to Islamic parties.

The Moroccan Times.