Renault resumes its industrial activities in Morocco

Renault resumes its industrial activities in Morocco

The Renault Dacia manifacturing plant in Tangier, Morocco.
The Renault Dacia manufacturing plant in Tangier, Morocco.

Tangier, Morocco (TMT)- Renault Group Morocco said yesterday it is preparing to resume “gradually and progressively” the activity of its two production sites of Tangier and Casablanca.

A statement from the group said that special COVID-19 health measures will be taken to accommodate the exceptional health situation that has beset the whole world.

The resumption goes into effect end of April, a statement from the company reads, without defining any specific day.

Renault said last month it “plans to restart production activities as soon as conditions permit and will implement appropriate measures to respond effectively to customer demand in the Kingdom and on an international scale.”

The Moroccan Times.