Life under quarantine: a chance to ponder and learn

Life under quarantine: a chance to ponder and learn


Due to the plethora of confinement measures taken by many governments around the globe, many people have found themselves locked up and bored. However, there are many activities we can do to fight boredom and get out of the current situation better, sounder, and more grateful.

In the modern age, people complain that they lack “free time”. To me, I see that weekends cannot be described as “free time” days as the reason behind giving an employee two days off is to force them to rest in a bet to make them able to produce more and consume more. Moreover, vacations are mere distractions to get rid of stress and routine that people face throughout the year. This said, humans almost have no time to reflect on themselves, listen to their needs and most importantly tap into their potential. 

I believe that the current juncture helps people achieve that. People can spend time with their families and enjoy real quality family time, showing care and love to each other. Furthermore, people can go pick from their bookshelves a book to read, one that has been on the todos list for a long time. They can also watch documentaries, movies, and series that would help them enjoy and at the same time grow intellectually. Personally speaking, I have seized this chance to experience different recipes from the internet. I believe I am learning.

We must also learn that money is a fake luxury. We have been raised with the idea that the more money you have, the better you live and that is completely inaccurate. People’s fridges are full and there are different initiatives to help those in need; however, people still suffer. They suffer because of the fact that for most of them, they experience a lock-up for the very first time. They are longing now for freedom to take a walk, enjoy springtime, sip coffee with good company, and be around loved ones. These things are immaterial, yet they matter.

We need to get out of this situation stronger and wiser. We should use this time to plan the rest of our lives, set our priorities, and appreciate the things that we take for granted.