Morocco to start exports of face masks next week

Morocco to start exports of face masks next week

Moroccan workers during production of face maks
Soft Tech workers producing face masks, Morocco.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- Morocco will start exporting face masks to two European countries starting from next week, with the country reaching in the last week a production capacity of 7 million face masks per day, a source, who spoke to The Moroccan Times under the condition of anonymity, said.

2 weeks ago, a Moroccan parliamentarian has called for prioritizing Algeria and other African countries first when exporting face masks, but it looks like the European market will be the first to benefit.

According to our source, the French and Spanish markets will be importing starting from next week the in-need commodity from Morocco.

Locally, the cheapest disposable face mask costs 0.1$ per unit, but they are sold in a 20-units packet, which costs around 2$.

Due to price gouging nevertheless, people have reported, in different events, grocery stores and pharmacies selling face masks at a higher price, one hovering around 0.8$ per unit.

The Moroccan Times.