3 arrested for hunting gazelles despite nationwide curfew

3 arrested for hunting gazelles despite nationwide curfew

dorcas gazelles
2 Dorcas gazelles were killed illegally by hunters in Morocco.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The local authorities of Tiznit arrested a businessman and two accomplices who were caught red-handed hunting gazelles in the wee hours of the night, transgressing both hunting regulations and curfew measures.

As they heard a jeep belonging to the Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie approaching, the businessman and his accomplices hurried to their 4*4 vehicle and flew the scene.

“Their arrest was surreal, like if you were in the midst of a Hollywood chase,” Moroccan paper Al Akhbar reported in today’s edition.

After three hours of chase, the businessman and his two companions impacted a rock and were forced to stop as one of the tires of their vehicle burst.

The driver then surrendered, while the businessman and the other accomplice flew the scene.

Their run did not last long though as they were arrested a few minutes later by forest rangers.

Placed in police custody, the three individuals will be brought before the public prosecutor’s office.

The Moroccan Times.