Inauguration of a new 800-bed-capacity hospital in Tangier

Inauguration of a new 800-bed-capacity hospital in Tangier


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- King Mohammed VI is scheduled to visit the city of Tangier this week to inaugurate a number of development projects that were planned and implemented as part of the “Greater Tangier projects.”

The Moroccan monarch will also preside over a ministerial council at the Marshan Palace in Tangier.

The main event during the visit is the inauguration of the “Mohammed VI University Hospital” of Tangier. The hospital is spread over an area of 23 hectares, of which 89,072 square meters are covered.

The hospital has a specialized wing for mothers and children, a medical-surgical wing, an operating room with 15 central surgery halls, a hall for cases of severe burns, an emergency center, a central laboratory, a telemedicine unit, training facilities, and other administrative and technical facilities.

The hospital has a total capacity of 771 beds, which can be increased to a little over 800 if needed, and is considered a third-generation hospital.

The cost of the hospital hovers around 1.3 billion dirhams and was funded by the Qatari Development Fund.

The Moroccan Times.