Morocco and sierra leone step up cooperation in various sectors

Morocco and sierra leone step up cooperation in various sectors

Nasser Bourita
Nasser Bourita, Morocco’s Foreign Minister.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- During a press conference with his Sierra Leonean counterpart, following the Joint Committee meeting between the two countries today in the city of Dakhla, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Bourita said that relations between the two countries continue to improve, pointing to the signing of a number of agreements in various sectors.

Bourita confirmed that there is a mechanism for diplomatic coordination between the two countries, adding that the Joint Committee, which met after 15 years of its last meeting, covered the economic sector with 5 agreements in investment, tourism, renewable energies, and others, as well as agreements in training, diplomatic, and vocational training, strengthening grants for students, as well as agreements related to the social sector: health, housing, and others.

Bourita also noted the development of the number of Moroccan scholarships for Sierra Leonean students, which reached 105 scholarships, 55 in academic training, 30 in vocational training, and 20 in vocational training in the southern regions of Laayoune and Dakhla.

Bourita confirmed that the mentioned agreements are intended to strengthen cooperation in areas related to development in Sierra Leone, praising Sierra Leone’s success in overcoming the difficult situations it experienced under instability, to settle on the path of democratic rotation and economic development.

The Moroccan Times.