2400 criminals arrested in Oujda in 2023

2400 criminals arrested in Oujda in 2023


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- In a bid to tackle the increasing thefts and robberies committed by criminals on motorcycles (Lgrissage bl Motour) in the city of Oujda, Morocco, the security department has undertaken a comprehensive operation resulting in the arrest of over 2400 individuals this year. The operation started in response to numerous complaints from citizens about the rising criminal activities in the area.

Of the arrested individuals, a staggering 2139 were caught red-handed while committing various crimes, while the remaining 283 were apprehended as per the national search warrants issued by the judicial authorities.

During the extensive search operations, law enforcement officials also seized a significant amount of illicit substances, including 387 drug tablets, 156 grams of cocaine, and 17.348 kilograms of marijuana. Additionally, 83 knives, 173 mobile phones, 25 cars, and 141 motorcycles suspected of being used in criminal activities were also confiscated.

The city of Oujda has been grappling with an upsurge in criminal activities carried out by robbers on motorcycles who have been preying on unsuspecting pedestrians, stealing their belongings, and looting motorcycles parked outside shops, residential areas, and large stores. T

The recent operation by the security department is expected to significantly curtail these criminal activities and restore safety and security in the city, at least for the near future.

The Moroccan Times.