Morocco Seizes 350kg of Hashish En Route to Spain

Morocco Seizes 350kg of Hashish En Route to Spain

The Royal Marine Services have intensified search operations. Image for illustration purposes only.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- An operation involving the interception of 350 kilograms of hashish bound for Spain was successfully executed by coastal surveillance units from the Royal Navy while conducting patrols off the coast of Nador.

The operation was initiated when the units detected the presence of suspicious boats that refused to comply with the Navy’s orders and attempted to evade interception. The incident took place early on a Sunday morning at approximately 7 o’clock.

Following the pursuit, a fast boat was apprehended by the Navy, and subsequent inspection of the vessel revealed the presence of 10 packages of hashish, totaling 350 kilograms in weight.

The confiscated drugs and related equipment were subsequently transferred to the port of Nador and handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie for further administrative processing.

The Moroccan Times.