Jewish tourists flock to Agadir for Passover celebrations

Jewish tourists flock to Agadir for Passover celebrations


Agadir, Morocco (TMT)- The tourism industry in the Agadir region experiences a boom, according to the newspaper Aujourd’hui Le Maroc. Several hotels have recorded occupancy rates exceeding 95% during the recent Muslim holiday of Eid Al Fitr. Many hotels recorded a full house during the Jewish holiday of Passover, as the region has become a popular destination for Jewish tourists. Many tourists have been returning for the second year in a row to celebrate the religious event.

The paper said that various luxury resorts in Taghazout Bay also attract high-income domestic tourists during all vacation periods.

Aujourd’hui Le Maroc highlights especially the Taghazout Bay, a world-renowned surfing destination, stressing that more and more festivals and events are taking place throughout the year.

“The future seems promising for the region, as it is expected to have full occupancy during the upcoming Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha, primarily due to domestic tourism,” the paper went on further to mention.

The paper said that in the first quarter of this year, “over 82,000 arrivals and nearly 193,000 overnight stays have been recorded, with the domestic market being the primary source of tourists for the Agadir region.”

The Moroccan Times.