Moroccan Nurses Declare Nationwide Strike for 24 Hhrs

Moroccan Nurses Declare Nationwide Strike for 24 Hhrs


Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- The Independent Union of Nurses and Health Technicians in Morocco has declared a 24-hour nationwide strike on International Nurses Day.

The union calls on the current government to keep its before-election promises and provide Moroccan nurses with fair pay, among other natural rights.

Their objective is also to demand official recognition and compensation for their efforts and sacrifice since the unveiling of the COVID pandemic.

It described this as “continuous ingratitude towards the heroic roles of nurses and health technicians during the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyone was at home and they were fulfilling their ethical and professional duties, facing a deadly virus that scientists knew only by name.”

The union believes that their previous protests outside regional health and social protection offices were a clear message to the government regarding the absence of sincere intentions to compensate them amid various unsuccessful policies taken by various governments that took the reign of power in the last decade.

The union stressed it “will spare no effort to achieve the demands of nursing staff and health technicians in Morocco.”

The Moroccan Times.