Botswana Surpasses Morocco as Top Mining Region in Africa

Botswana Surpasses Morocco as Top Mining Region in Africa

Morocco’s Mining Sector Contributes to around 10% of the GDP.

Rabat, Morocco (TMT)- In the Fraser Institute’s annual rankings, Morocco has lost its top position as the most attractive mining region in Africa and second globally, with Botswana taking its place in 2022.

Botswana has also surpassed Morocco in terms of mining policy, climbing to the second spot globally, a position previously held by Morocco.

According to the report, Botswana’s ranking has shown significant improvement, leaping from 31st to 10th place globally. Meanwhile, Morocco’s position has experienced a decline, dropping from 8th in 2021 to 16th in 2022 and further to 17th globally.

The Fraser Institute assesses countries based on geological appeal, production capacity, and government policies that either encourage or impede mining exploration and investment.

It is worth reminding that the mining sector contributes to around 10% of Morocco’s GDP.

The Moroccan Times.