New Measures in Morocco to Curb Non-return of Police Officers After Holiday...

New Measures in Morocco to Curb Non-return of Police Officers After Holiday Abroad


Abdellatif Hammouchi, the Director-General of National Security in Morocco, has released a memorandum in response to a rising issue: police personnel are increasingly using their administrative permits to travel overseas and are failing to return home. This notice compels security governors, along with regional and provincial security chiefs, to reevaluate the current licensing procedure for security employees’ travel.

This directive arises out of the mounting concern that national security employees are taking advantage of their travel permissions to spend their annual holidays abroad with the premeditated intent of not returning, negatively impacting the operational efficiency of the services.

In the memorandum, Hammouchi underscores the urgent need to revamp the existing procedure for handling employees’ requests to use administrative permits for international holidays, thereby forestalling any misuse of the system. The recent memo mandates that any foreign travel request should be paired with a pledge signed by the employee. This pledge necessitates that the employee promises not to reveal any professional secrets and commits to return to Morocco once their yearly leave is exhausted.