Minister of Water: Morocco’s Future Lies in Desalinating Sea Water

Minister of Water: Morocco’s Future Lies in Desalinating Sea Water

Nizar Baraka, the Minister of Equipment and Water.

Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, said that Morocco is experiencing its fifth consecutive year of drought, indicating that in the future there will be more focus on desalination of water projects.

He noted that despite the beneficial rains that Morocco witnessed this week and last week, drought has become a reality in Morocco, which requires rational management of water.

During an oral question session at the House of Representatives, Baraka highlighted that “the path forward hinges upon the desalination of seawater and the treatment of wastewater.” He emphasized those two technologies will be pivotal for the majority of coastal cities in the near future.

Baraka underscored that the primary advantage of seawater desalination lies in its ability to conserve dam water. This preserved water can then be utilized by rural areas, inland cities, and agricultural sectors. According to him, this not only bolsters agricultural security but also contributes significantly to maintaining water security.

Morocco also plans to create more infrastructures for the treatment of wastewater for reuse, water that had previously been wasted in the sea. This will be achieved through a transfer system involving pipes connecting various water basins, he noted.

Baraka stressed the necessity of water conservation, whether in agriculture, drinking water, or in the industrial field, and to reduce dependence on dams.