Atlas E-Mobility Group Aims to Make Morocco’s First Industrial Electric Car

Atlas E-Mobility Group Aims to Make Morocco’s First Industrial Electric Car

The automotive industry has significantly grown in Morocco over the last decade, making the country the largest car manufacturer in Africa

RABAT- Building on the momentum set by the inaugural “Made in Morocco” first industrial petrol car from “Neo Motors” and the recently unveiled first 100% hydrogen-powered car by company Namex, the Anglo-Moroccan firm “Atlas E-Mobility Group” aims to pioneer Morocco’s first industrial electric vehicle.

To realize this vision, Atlas E-Mobility Group, established by founders Mohammed Yehya El Bakkali and Mohammed Hicham Senhaji Hannoun, plans to craft a luxury electric SUV steeped in Moroccan design aesthetics by 2026. Their targeted markets encompass Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Cast in the vision of “simplicity meeting practicality,” the forthcoming model is thoughtfully engineered to cater to consumers’ key technological requirements. Atlas E-Mobility Group aims to carve a competitive niche in the electric vehicle market, with a price projection set between 50K-60K USD. As highlighted by the company’s founders, the entire production lifecycle will be rooted in Morocco, effectively leveraging the country’s cost advantages in electricity, labor, and access to raw materials.

The company also aspires to secure royal endorsement akin to that received by Namex and Neo Motors, subject to a comprehensive evaluation like the previously mentioned brands were subject to. The Moroccan monarch, a known automobile enthusiast, has been unwavering in his support for the nation’s young innovators undertaking automotive manufacturing projects. His backing has particularly favored initiatives that manifest substantial potential and unwavering dedication to achieving success.

The Moroccan Times.