2022 Revenue from Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes in Morocco Approaches 15 Billion...

2022 Revenue from Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes in Morocco Approaches 15 Billion Dirhams

alcohol and tobaco statistics in Morocco
Alcohol and tobacco tax revenue in 2022 was equivalent to approximately 30.4% of the revenue generated by income taxes.

According to data released by the General Treasury of the Kingdom in 2022, Moroccan citizens contributed a sizeable sum of 14.7 billion dirhams to the national economy through alcohol and tobacco taxes. The tax revenue from alcohol alone climbed to 2.042 billion dirhams, marking an increase of 11% compared to the preceding year’s tally of 1.8 billion dirhams.

Further breakdown of this revenue offers a more detailed insight. Wine and other alcoholic beverages yielded approximately 942 million dirhams, whereas beer taxes resulted in a significant 1.1 billion dirhams. By contrast, tax revenue derived from non-alcoholic beverages like soft drinks registered at 604 million dirhams.

Tobacco taxes consistently played a vital role in revenue generation, raking in a substantial 12.7 billion dirhams during the fiscal year of 2022.

When evaluated alongside other sources of revenue, income tax revenues stood at 48.3 billion dirhams, while corporate taxes towered even higher, reaching a remarkable 62.3 billion dirhams.

To understand the relative significance of alcohol and tobacco taxes, in 2022 they corresponded to approximately 30.4% of the value of income tax revenue and around 23.6% of the value of corporate tax revenue.

This comparison is for illustration and not meant to suggest that alcohol and tobacco taxes were components of either the income or corporate tax totals.

The Moroccan Times.