Wheat Monopolization Threatens Morocco’s Daily Bread Supply: MP

Wheat Monopolization Threatens Morocco’s Daily Bread Supply: MP


Parliamentary representative Abdellah Bouano from the Justice and Development party warned against “a prospective bread crisis,” in Morocco, saying that many rich farmers and companies have resorted to buying locally produced and imported soft wheat, subsidized by the state for bread production, to use it, or resell it, as fodder.

He states that some companies even buy subsidized wheat at 2.90 dirhams, then resell it at 5 dirhams as livestock feed.

Bouanou stressed that 70% of imported wheat is similarly converted, hinting at “a future bread crisis in Morocco.”

Bouano urgently appealed to the government to launch a thorough investigation into what he referred to as “these manipulations,” urging that stringent penalties be levied upon individuals found guilty.

In addition, he strongly urged the Ministry of Agriculture to devise effective strategies to curb these illicit practices, not only in the present context but also with a proactive approach to prevent future recurrence.