State Vehicle Misuse in Al Hoceima

State Vehicle Misuse in Al Hoceima


Numerous local media outlets in Al Hoceima have reported a rising trend of state vehicles being misused outside of work hours. These cars, meant for official purposes, are allegedly being exploited for personal and leisure activities, including family use.

The Moroccan publication “Al Ousboue” has highlighted that these state vehicles are being used for various personal activities across Al Hoceima. The alleged misuse includes chauffeuring employees’ families, taking their children to school, facilitating shopping trips, driving wives to public baths, markets, and women’s hair salons, among other others.

The same news report underscores that such misuse of state vehicles results in a significant drain on Morocco’s state budget.

It further notes that this “squandering of the state budget is apparent not just in the fuel expenditure these vehicles incur but also in the costs associated with repairing the vehicles, both of which are financed by taxpayer money.”