13.5 million Moroccans are currently unemployed: Moroccan Economy Expert

13.5 million Moroccans are currently unemployed: Moroccan Economy Expert


Economic expert Fouad Abdelmoumni has outlined the numerous obstacles hampering youth employment policies in Morocco. He articulated that a significant proportion of Moroccan youth find themselves disadvantaged due to the absence of academic qualifications, certificates, and political affiliations, pushing them towards undesired paths such as drug use, criminal activities, or even migration. These insightful observations were shared during his appearance on the “Morocco in a Week” program broadcasted on the “Rif Vision” platform.

During the show, Abdelmoumni pointed out that an alarming 13.5 million Moroccans are unemployed, hence he stressed “an urgent need for creating genuine and substantial economic opportunities, as opposed to ephemeral projects.”

He underlined “the urgent need to revamp youth employment policies, especially catering to the needs of the disadvantaged.”

Abdelmoumni expressed his disapproval of “the country’s skewed focus towards superficial projects and the striking absence of high-yield investments that could potentially spur job creation.”

He said that Morocco’s Economic, Social, and Environmental Council’s report emphasized that “existing programs tailored towards youth employment are woefully outdated and insufficient.”

He noted that “the report serves as a testament to the state’s lackadaisical approach towards public policies in Morocco,”

Abdelmoumni also pointed out that two years have elapsed since King Mohammed VI received the committee responsible for proposing a new economic model. He noted that this committee had identified substantial issues with public investments and the underperformance of projects sponsored by the private sector.