Tiznit-Dakhla Road Expansion Project: 85% Complete

Tiznit-Dakhla Road Expansion Project: 85% Complete

Tiznit Dakhla Highway.
Aerial View of the Tiznit-Dakhla National Route n°1.

TIZNIT, MOROCCO – The ambitious project to transform the National Route n°1 section, from Agadir to Dakhla, into a dual carriageway has achieved a significant milestone, with an 85% completion rate reported by Moroccan authorities. The dual carriageway, spanning over 1055 kilometers, will dramatically enhance connectivity between northern and southern Morocco once completed.

Even in the face of rising inflation, which has escalated the cost of raw materials, and the setbacks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the expansion project remains on track. The work in the Souss-Massa region reached a completion rate surpassing 95%.

The Guelmim-Oued Noun area, incorporating complex sections and numerous bridges within the dual carriageway design, has proved challenging. Nevertheless, approximately 70% of the work in this region has been completed.

In a recent statement, authorities confirmed the reactivation of all temporarily suspended contracts, ensuring the continuity of this project.

Sections of the dual carriageway where the work has already concluded, including the initial stretch in Tiznit province and the areas around Guelmim and Wadi Draa, are now operational.

Upon its completion, the transformation of National Route n°1 into a dual carriageway is expected to dramatically improve transportation efficiency across the country. By separating oncoming traffic, it will not only foster economic growth but also enhance road safety, facilitating more seamless and safer travel. With the project nearing completion, the focus remains on overcoming the remaining challenges and delivering this significant infrastructural improvement to Morocco.