Moroccan Market Sees Significant Decline in Poultry Prices

Moroccan Market Sees Significant Decline in Poultry Prices


poultry in Morocco.

In Morocco, there has been a significant decrease in the price of chicken after several weeks of heightened costs. The price of live chicken, which had escalated to an average of 25 dirhams per kilogram, has recently stabilized at around 17 dirhams. Market professionals expect a further reduction in the coming days, potentially lowering the price to 15 dirhams per kilogram.

This downward price trend has been attributed to a surplus in supply. An increase in production has been noted as breeders return to their pre-inflation work pace. During the period of price inflation, costs of feed and medicines had contributed to the high price of chicken. The return to regular production rates is expected to continue influencing the market, leading to more affordable prices.

The main beneficiary of this change in the market is the Moroccan consumer, who had been enduring weeks of record high prices, which at their peak, reached 30 dirhams per kilogram.